Is Your Guitar the Gateway to a New Career?

Guitars, lessons and a new career in show biz to follow?  Fame and fortune does not follow everyone who has a bit of musical training having some guitars lessons can really give your raw talent a boost.


So why is it so important to be able to play a musical instrument like a guitar to make it big in the music industry? Quite simply it is because the biggest stars that have ever made it in the music business had guitars lessons when they were children. That is also because a lot of stars who have taken guitars lessons also became composers and songwriters.  Writing songs is where the money really is in the music industry and the guitar is one of the easiest instruments to compose a hit song on.  A guitar is also portable. You can walk into an audition and play your original tunes on a guitar and sing along.


It is one thing to just pick up a guitar and start strumming it. Even though you are singing directly from the heart his can sound quite amateurish. If you take guitars lessons you will be taken a little more seriously as a musician.

The legendary Joan Jett of The Runaways and the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts would not be the musical icon she is today without guitars lessons. Now the woman who wrote “I Love Rock N’ Roll “ and “Bad Reputation” have a Gibson Guitar named after her. The guitar is lightweight and electric with a glossy worn white finish.

An example of a big contemporary music star that used guitars, lessons and a natural talent for songwriting to rocket to the top of the charts for years is John Mayer.   He has made two multi-platinum albums and won a Grammy Award for his hit song “Your Body is A Wonderland.”  He started out in middle school playing the clarinet but was inspired by Michael J. Fox’s guitar performance as Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” to take guitars Lessons.  This also led to a love of collecting vintage guitars such as the prized 1996 Stevie Ray Vaughan signature Stratocaster he plays on sometimes.


One of the most famous of guitar teachers of all time is Joe Satriani. This man gave guitars lessons to some of the most famous heavy metal players in history including Larry LaLone of Primus, Kevin Cadogan of Third Eye Blind and Alex Skolnick of Testament. Kirk Hammett of Metallic and the Grammy Award Winning guitarist and songwriter Steve Vai have also taken guitars lessons from Joe Satriani.

The music world is full of success stories from individuals who took guitars lessons and then became ultra-famous and rich because they knew how to compose original songs. These former guitars lessons include Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carrie Underwood, Kris Kristofferson, George Harrison, Alanis Morrisette, Courtney Love, Chris Martin, Ozzie Osborne, Linda McCartney and scores more.