Business and Your Work Ethic

The pursuit of the American Dream is a concept that is shared by millions of people every day. Some of these individuals are natural entrepreneurs who have always applied their resources and imagination to the latest machinations of Internet technologies. Others just want to escape the corporate rat race and spend more time with friends and family at home. Some are bored empty nesters, broke pensioners looking for a way to augment their pension and desperate single mothers. Some are just simply aspiring money magnates whose prime directive is to achieve total world domination.  Whatever your reason is for starting an Internet business, you can declare the day that you decide to start your own Internet business to be your own Independence Day!

However Independence does come at a price. If you decide to open your own small business be prepared to lose certain perks, such as health insurance plans, employee benefits, pension plans and vacation plans. Believe it or not being your own boss may not necessarily buy you more flexibility and free time, but necessitate that you work harder than you ever have in your whole life — especially in the first year. Remember that owning your own business means owning its liabilities as well as it’s successes.

Above all be realistic in your expectations of both your business and yourself. Drop that image that you have in your head of lying in a hammock and sipping an exotic cocktail while your Internet business or other business acts like a faucet that just gushes the bucks.  That will not happen in the first year. But if you adopt the principles of classic American work ethic – discipline, right action and innovation – you might be swinging in that hammock in about three years!

The good news is not rocket science. Just about anybody can make a profit using the Internet just as long as they follow a certain number of prescribed steps that are part of a successful business model. . The philosophy behind this book is very simple: “If you do the right thing will happen…if you do the wrong thing then you will suffer the consequences of your faulty moves later.”

The advice provided in this book are intended to inoculate you against a kind of viral stupidity that is out there when it comes to obtaining sound advice about starting up your first e-business. I have eliminated the short-cuts, the leads down the garden path and the endless searching on the Internet for true wisdom about the subject that tempts most newbies to sabotage their own businesses with unethical business practices and get rich quick schemes and enabled you to succeed in the first year that you are in business.