Why Keyword Research is Important for SEO

Keywords are the phrases (also known as keyword phrases) or words that people commonly use to type into search engines when they are surfing for something on the web. Keywords are essential to effective SEO.

When SEO experts talk about doing keyword research they are talking about using software or online tools that can help you find out what words are commonly used when certain topics are searched for online in search engine boxes

Keyword research tools can range in price from being completely free to over $100. Price does not seem to be that much of a factor. Many entrepreneurs simply use the free Google keyword tool which is easily found on the Google website.

There are also many other keyword research tools that you can buy including Market Samurai, Keyword Elite and Micro Niche Finder.  These range in price and can supply far more in-depth results than the free online tools.  Many of these programs also offer free trials so you can actually determine if the software is any use to you. Many people get along just fine using the free online keyword research tools. There is also not any reason why you cannot use several tools and methods at once for finding keywords.

Most keyword research programs tell you how many times a keyword has been searched for in a month. It is your task as a webmaster and business strategist to find those keywords that best match what you think your customers will be looking for when they are searching for you online.

It is also absolutely crucial that you try to find keywords that have been used more than 100 times a day. This means that people surfing would be using those query words and phrases more than 3000 times a month. Out of those 3000 people you might be making quite a bit of money if even only five percent actually bought from your site, especially if you are selling something fairly expensive.

Another word of advice when it comes to using keyword research tools is to carefully consider what kind of match the keywords are for your service. You want keywords that are an “exact match.”  Avoid keywords that are categorized as a “phrase match” or “broad match.”  Only keywords with a number beside them in the “exact match” category can give you a reliable idea of how much traffic you could receive if you used a particular keyword!

The great thing about a lot of the paid keyword research programs is they allow you to check out what the competition is doing by showing the keywords of the top ten sites on Google. If they are using a great keyword then you should steal it and use it yourself. Just don’t make the mistake of using a keyword that does not accurately represent your business, products or practices.