Use a VPN for safety


If you are using Wi-Fi when you are waiting in lobbies, offices, or on the go. You really should be using a VPN. Our phones, tablets, and computers are constantly talking over the Internet in the background, downloading emails, receiving push notifications, and so on.  All of that traffic is what hackers want. It is gold for identify fraud.  A virtual private network, or VPN can help you be more. It creates a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the VPN’s server.

Performance is a must for a VPN service. Years ago there weren’t a lot of VPN choices, so you could expect to have hiccups and very slow connections. Now there are services that offer a great experience online while keeping you secure, so there’s no reason to accept unreliable servers.

NordVPN is a top VPN provider with millions of users around the world.  NordVPN  encrypts all the data coming into and going out of your cellphone whenever you’re connected to the internet, whether that’s through cellphone data or on an unsecured Wi-Fi network. NordVPN is available for Window, macOS, and Linux for a low monthly fee.

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Buy Safety Products for your employees

safety hat

These V-Gard® Protective Hats are part of the same family of products and accessories recognized as the best-selling in North America. Polyethylene shell and self-adjusting crown straps provide comfortable, lightweight protection. Available in slotted (to work with MSA accessories) or non-slotted. Three size options make these the ideal protectors for the entire work crew.


  • Polyethylene shell provides superior impact protection
  • Self-adjusting crown straps ensure a comfortable fit
  • Slotted design works with MSA accessories
  • Non-slotted design is a full brim hat

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safety vest

Class 2 Safety Vest with Zipper Closure. Compliant protection at an economical price. Excellent choice for extreme work environments like asphalt paving that greatly reduce the useful life of a vest, or protection for short-term labor.

  • Closure: Zipper
  • 2” silver tape reflective material. 1 horizontal stripe
  • Pockets: 1 upper left front, 1 lower right inside
  • Materials: High quality 100% polyester mesh

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