How to Do A Webinar

It’s very easy to be the host of a webinar nowadays.  You need look no further than free online providers of virtual conferencing services like Microsoft Live Meeting, Webex or GotoMeeting who can help facilitate the entire process for you.   You can also pay for services like Skype and invite people to groups to watch your televised chat.


A Webinar is sometimes also called a teleseminar or a web conference. The great thing about a webinar is that it allows you to broadcast any type of presentation regarding a product, service, proposal or any other type of idea to many viewers at once.


One way to look at this type of broadcast is as a business conference that is held online and these services can help give you the polished and entertaining interactive experience that you need to have with your audience. Furthermore, you can use webinars repeatedly to draw traffic on YouTube or make money by posting them as a finished video online.


Creating a webinar involves a lot more than just posting a video on YouTube or Vimeo.  It is not just a recording!  Depending on whether you are selling or promoting you can charge a fee or simply invite people to join you online.


Half the battle of conducting a successful webinar is knowing what your topic is and how you will conceptualize it.  It is your job as the host of the webinar to both educate and entertain your virtual guests while at the same time achieving your goal of converting them to a membership, selling them a product or directing them to promptly take your desired action.  Of course, because it is a live event you will be the host but you can also incorporate live video with interviews of other experts, power-point presentations, demonstrations, debates with a moderator. Of absolute importance is a good quality camera and microphone as well as a very quiet room devoid of annoying hums from fluorescent lights, street sounds or other distractions.


Once your idea, location and presentation it is established you can use your opt-in email lists, social media skills and regular advertising to invite people to your online event.  It is also a good idea to plant some “cheerleaders” or provocateurs in your audience that can ask you pertinent questions and help lead applause and other audience behaviors at the right times. To get some great ideas about how to do a webinar that is inspired and popular surf for and view the offerings of some of your favorite gurus and study the methods they have used to be so successful.  You can be that successful too!